Friday, 9 February 2007

Review of Verb Tenses

Do you need more practise with verb tenses? Here you will find different links where you can find activities to review the verb tenses that we have studied. I hope it can help you!

Past Simple:

Irregular verbs:



Past Continuous:

Present Perfect:

Present Perfect (already, yet)

For/ Since

Present Perfect Continuous:

Grammar Theory

Exercise (have/ has)

Affirmative sentences

Negative sentences


Mixed exercises on Present Perfect Continuous:

Exercise 1 (easy)

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Tests on Present Perfect Continuous:

Test 1: level 2

Test 2: Level 3


paula gallart said...

hi maite! I'm Paula.. i like you blog. I have not understood the first question well, but I believe that not podria to want to shreck as some kind of mas that a friend, fodder that if alone veria knew a person as him from the first moment as a friend because the physical aspect for my is important

Mayte said...

Ok, I see you couldn't love Shrek because for you physical appearance is important. I
agree with you that appearance is important. But, do you consider personality?

By the way, you should have written your comment in the post about Saint Valentine's Day.

Thank you for your answer.

jose said...

hi mayte¡¡¡ this block is very interesting. i don't understand very well english, because i'm a studente novice. i'm meant that you are a very well teacher.

I hope you respond me the comment.

Mayte said...

Hi Jose,

I'm glad you find this blog useful. The aim is to help my students with extra activities and at the same time that they communicate in English.

Of course, you understand English. The important thing is to make the effort and have curiosity for learning.

See you in class next day!