Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Hi my dear students! As I know some of you are fans of High School Musical, here you have one of its best songs and the lyrics.

lyrics: Start of Something New

TO MY STUDENTS: How do you think they feel when they have to go on stage? Why do you think the song is titled Start of Something New?


Inés Gil said...

Hi, Mayte!
I am a real fan of High School Musical. I love the film and the songs. Coincidentally my favourite song is The Start of Something New. I think that it means that something unexpected go to pass, for example the love of a girl and a boy.


Mayte said...

Hi Inés,

I think you are right. In this case Troy falls in love with the girl (I can't remember now her name...). We'll see what happens on Friday because you'll watch the film.
I hope you like it.

Best Regards,